American Image Awards 2019


Design a keystone event
for a New York state of mind.

Scope of Project

Design Strategy

Identity Design

Website Design

Social Graphics

Print Production


Can an award winning 2018 redesign be surpassed for the 2019 award season? Can lightning strike twice? Can an invitation design have greater impact on the design of an entire event? Can a fashion industry award design resonate with the cutting edge designers it honors? 


A strategic design–identity, website, social media graphics, and invitation–that celebrates the creative minds of the fashion industry, but also the association that supports them.


Owned and operated by the AAFA, the American Image Awards began in 1977 to honor those who have exemplified leadership, excellence, and outstanding achievement in all sectors of the apparel and footwear industry, including education, design, manufacturing, and retail.


During a quick 3 month design cycle, Allen Wayne created a design identity, invitation concept, website design, social graphics, web ads, produced the physical printed invitation, and managed the mail processing.


The project was initiated after design strategy session between Allen Wayne’s Creative Director, Robert Pace and AAFA’s Senior Vice President, Susan Lapetina. They agreed that the iconic location for the 2019 awards, The Plaza Hotel, would be the jumping off point for this years award design.


For 2019, inspired by photography of The Plaza in the 1960’s, a black and white color palette was favored for its classic simplicity. The graphic design structure was derived from Bauhaus poster layout. The modernist architectural style was married with matte black Neenah techweave paper, which embodies finely woven fabric. Punctuated by gold highlights and a gloss back stitching pattern, the final design personifies fashion and elegance.


The angled and pointed gate fold entices the reader to reveal the award program details, as well as a gloss hero graphic of the American Image Award itself.


The website utilizes the same design format, but benefits from the addition of the black and white photography that inspired the original design direction. Other design items, such as social graphics, and ads continue the identity for a consistent campaign.



Ad Design

American Image Awards ad design

Social Graphic

American Image Awards social graphic

Banner Design

American Image Awards banner design

Website Design

American Image Awards website design