Family Shelter Services

Breaking the cycle of homelessness in Fauquier County


Create a warm and uplifting re-brand for a local homeless nonprofit. The brand should clearly communicate that participants are valued human beings, not criminals. The new brand should advocate for the participants, telling their story to inspire real change.


An updated brand that focuses on compassion and healing—Logo, messaging, signage, website, and collateral—that educates the public on the true face of homelessness and breaking stereotypes. Together we will fight to eradicate homelessness in Fauquier County.




Logo Design

Identity System Design

Website Design

Collateral Design



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Allen Wayne, along with a few other companies, were invited to pitch Family Shelter Services on their branding process, timeline, and budget. We met with their executive director, Danielle Ellis, and several board members to discuss our proposal. After a short evaluation period, we learned that our easy nature, clear timeline, and fair budget won the day.


AW and the FSS team worked through an 8 hour brand discovery workshop, defining user profiles, key brand attributes, and strategic goals. We left the workshop stunned by what we learned about homelessness in our county, but the mission and heart of FSS was clear.


FSS values every one of their participants, and makes every effort to help them rebuild their lives for lasting success. 

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Fauquier Family Shelter provides temporary housing to resilient participants in a hopeful environment with a compassionate voice.
Helping them feel inspired and be restored.


After the attributes, position, and voice of the brand were defined, we went about the work of creating the new logo and identity for Family Shelter Services. Our color theory work followed the brand attributes, reflecting tones of hope, trust, growth, healing, and understanding. The final logo design focuses on a light of hope rising over the horizon, with the land reaching out a hand to help the community. Collateral design incorporates photography of a diverse people, with a slant toward single mothers and their children, FSS’s largest demographic.

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The Fauquier Family Shelter provides stability for locals in need. For more than 30 years, FFS has offered emergency shelter services in addition to longer-term transitional housing programs for qualifying individuals and families. Our mission is to protect and nurture Fauquier County’s neediest residents, guiding them to a new chapter of personal and financial stability.


With our supporters, our staff, and our participants, we will:


  • Create a culture of humanity and compassion, where all people are valued.

  • Be a beacon of hope and restore lives, with unwavering conviction.


  • Inspire our community to take action, break the stereotypes and social isolation of homelessness.

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Candid photo of FSS’s Executive Director, Danielle Ellis, during our brand workshop.

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I had the great pleasure of working with the team at Allen Wayne to rebrand our organization. Their thoughtful approach was exactly what we needed! They took the time to listen and they cultivated a partnership with us. This created a safe and welcoming environment where all voices were heard and taken into consideration. We were able to build consensus with our staff and board around the look and feel of our logo and the core messaging for our brand.


I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend this team if you are looking for a local business with a team of highly talented staff members who truly put their heart and soul into their work.

Danielle Ellis

Executive Director

Family Shelter Services