who is allen wayne?

Allen Wayne is not a person. Irving Weinstock founded AW as a book publishing company in the 1940s in New York, NY and decided his family name would not reflect the image he wanted. He searched for another name and found it. The “A” in AW hails from the name embodied on an adding machine located on Weinstock’s desk at the time - Allen Wales. He then decided to use the name Wayne to portray an authentic, American, and welcoming name to solidify AW’s brand. To this day, we still recieve calls and packages addressed to the nonexistent “Mr. Wayne.”

always evolving.

In the early 60s one AW employee, Dan Kilcup, recognized the importance of embracing change. Kilcup opened a branch of the company in Washington D.C. in 1968 with nothing but a single typewriter and an AB Dick printing press in the back of his station-wagon.


The rest of the 20th century was marked by new printing techniques: offset, four color, and digital. Kilcup was the owner of Allen Wayne Ltd. from 1983-2008. We remained informed and modified offerings with each new format and grew our graphics capabilities. Roland Owens bought the company from Kilcup in 2008. Despite the recession that year, we flourished; we kept evolving and AW successfully went digital. Our team continues to embrace change and we all know the importance of incorporating the newest technological advancements into all services we offer. Now, 10 years later, we’re the largest design agency in the Piedmont region and are celebrating 50 years in business. We provide clients modern and effective designs.