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Phase II


Entrepreneurship with military culture.

Enrich veteran communities.

Scope of Project



Identity Design

Website Design

Collateral Design


Develop a new kind of government solutions contractor. A brand that capitalizes on the military experience and beliefs of its founders. A brotherhood that carries out each project like a mission objective. A home for veteran entrepreneurs looking for private sector business development with military structure.


A modern military/corporate brand–Logo, messaging, brochure, signage, website, and collateral–that not only celebrates military service, but brings that hard earned experience to today’s business opportunities.


The project began after several phone calls and emails with Allen Wayne’s Creative Director, Robert Pace and Phase II’s CEO, Mark Shaaber. Mark and Robert talked about the various goals of Phase II, how P2 would do business differently, and how P2 would have an impact on veteran families and communities. Mark agreed a brand strategy discovery session was necessary to catalyze the business direction.


An in-depth brand strategy session was conducted in the Phase II conference room with all 3 founders of the business. What emerged was a clear brand story and voice for Phase II.

Defining the brand creates an objective roadmap; a filter for all of Phase II’s future decisions. By checking against this statement, we can quickly see whether any decisions will hurt or help the brand.

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Phase II provides government solutions to diverse clients in a value-based environment with an entrepreneurial voice.
Helping them feel like part of the team and gain a sense of belonging and opportunity.


With the tone and position set, the design team went to work to capture a new identity system that reflected the “United Expertise” aesthetic, while maintaining the military background flavor. The roman numeral II was brought forward to become the icon of the brand. The II was joined in rank and shield shapes, ultimately becoming the fletching of an arrow with breaks referencing rank chevrons. Yielding a logo whose small elements create a greater whole, on target, on mission.


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Phase II is a veteran-owned business engaging military principles for client success. We serve government agencies looking to fulfill contracts, advise businesses looking to land contracts, help organizations find skilled and dependable staff, and mentor service members seeking success on the other side of service. That’s Phase II. 


Enrich our veteran communities through business development and personal success.


Infuse entrepreneurship with military purpose and culture.


Each project a mission, each mission conducted with integrity. Always.