3 Reasons We Love Wix for Website Design

We despise limitations when it comes to website design. The constraints of coding and website platforms should never impact your vision for the stunning online customer experience you’re trying to achieve.

This is why it is so important to pick the right website platform for your business, organization, or association.

Of course, every design agency has their favorite website builder. We’re no exception, and we can’t claim to be perfectly impartial. But our preference is based on years of experience and success. We’re one of the top 20 visual design studios in the mid-Atlantic region, and we’ve walked with a lot of clients through this process. We live and breathe this stuff, and we would never steer you wrong.

In our mind, when it comes to website builders there’s one clear winner: Wix. We use Wix for every website we build, and we think you should use Wix, too—whether it’s on your own or with a professional design agency.

Why Wix, you ask?

Well, let’s think about what you need from a website builder. You need function: Your website builder should have all the tools you need to put together a beautiful site that accomplishes all your objectives. But if your website builder is too difficult to use, then all the function in the world won’t help you. Security is essential, too—do you really want to worry about hackers with everything else on your plate?

In other words: a good website builder needs to be easy to use, it needs to be powerful, and it needs to be secure.

And Wix is all three. Let’s take a deeper look:

Why Wix Reason #1: It’s Easy

With Wix, there’s no need to pay a developer to get your site up and running. You can do it yourself—no coding experience necessary. Wix’s code works in the background while you use tools like their visual drag-and-drop builder. You can see the website as you design or update it, and the way it looks while you’re building it is pretty much the way it’ll look live.

With one of Wix’s top competitors, WordPress, you still need some background knowledge of coding to create a truly beautiful and interactive website.

Now, if you’re working with us to create your new website, then you don’t have to worry about the setup; we’ll take care of all of that. And we’ll be able to efficiently design your site saving you time and money.

Once your site has been launched, you may want to do the ongoing updates yourself, and that’s where WordPress fails. WordPress never really delivered on their promise of being able to edit the site yourself; a lot of new clients have come to us frustrated by this. You don’t want to have to hire a developer every time you need to edit your website!

If you have any questions while you’re using Wix, just check their extensive text and video tutorials. Wix tells you how to do everything; every tool, setting, and option is explained.

Why Wix Reason #2: It’s Powerful

With Wix, there are endless possibilities. You can start with a pre-designed template, or you can build from scratch. All templates are completely customizable. You can delete or move everything in a template; nothing is locked or immovable.

Wix’s intuitive interface is another plus; some of our clients have found it similar to tools in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, like adding text boxes or resizing images. We love the built-in features to align objects—you can use gridlines and snap-to-objects rather than adding margins and padding by pixels or points.

Wix also has a mobile customization tool which allows you to adjust the size and order of any components of the desktop version of your website; no more awkward image sizes or random overlaps. Making your site mobile-friendly is a must.

This area is where competitors like Squarespace and Weebly fall short. Squarespace and Weebly are slowly updating their interfaces to match Wix with visual drag-and-drop builders, but they’re still limited on tools and design capabilities. Their templates contain locked objects, so there’s a limit to how much customization you can do.

Bonus for those of you with coding knowledge: Velo by Wix allows those who want even more interactivity or customization to add custom code. This is more of an advanced feature—one we do take advantage of here at Allen Wayne—but Wix provides extensive educational articles so that anyone who’s interested can learn to use it. If you’re a beginning coder, this might be a fun way to get more experience while creating a website that’ll wow your customers.

Why Wix Reason #3: It’s Secure

All Wix sites come with an SSL certificate for a safe connection. Security updates are done automatically through Wix’s cloud-based system. This means that Wix sites are less vulnerable to hackers than websites created using competitors like WordPress, where each website has to add and constantly update their own security. Wix also monitors all hosted websites for suspicious activity.

Another benefit of Wix: auto-updates give users access to new templates and tools. No more plugins that break your site (WordPress, we’re looking at you).

If you don’t have extensive experience with website security, using a website builder with these security features (and more!) is really the way to go.

Overall, we think Wix provides the perfect balance. It does what you need without being overly complicated. It’s usable by everyone but has plenty of power for advanced users. And Wix’s security features make us comfortable using it for and recommending it to our clients.

Our Design Approach at Allen Wayne

Each company and situation is unique, but with each of the projects we take on at Allen Wayne, we partner with our clients. We listen to our clients and actively engage to come up with custom solutions that solve the problem or perfectly fulfil their need.

Bottom line, we’re happy to work with you to help decide if you need a new website or not. We’ll sit down with you and get to the core of who you are and how to best represent your business.

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