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5 Important Brand Strategy Stories from the DMV

At Allen Wayne, our mission is simple: Beyond Design.

But what does that truly mean?

It means, for starters, that we don’t JUST design logos. We’re a full-service brand strategy and graphic design agency based in Northern Virginia, and our approach starts from the bottom up. Our end goal with every single client is to craft a visual theme that tells your entire story—who you are, what you do, and why you rock—without any words necessary.

Want to know what that looks like? Check out these four local companies we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with:


About them: Fauquier Reaches for Excellence in School Health, or FRESH, is a non-profit focusing on promoting nutrition, movement, and literacy among the schools and community of Fauquier County, VA. Their office is in Warrenton, VA, but you can find their mobile unit FRESH on Wheels at farmers’ markets, school events, and other community events throughout Fauquier County.

Our project: We helped the organization refresh their logo and redesign their website with their three pillars of nutrition, movement, and literacy in mind so their community events could have a consistent look. We also created all their flyers for community events and designed the bus wrap for the literacy project Books on the Bus (BOB). Our work on this project emphasizes the joy and health FRESH brings to the community through books, local foods, and physical movement.

Modern Remodeling, Inc.

About them: Modern Remodeling, Inc. is the expert in residential and commercial insurance remodeling. In business since 1990, they support the homeowner through constant communication, clear scope and scheduling, and helping them update their space after a storm or disaster. With one office in Manassas, VA, and one in Baltimore, MD, Modern Remodeling is able to provide services throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the entire metro DC area.

Our project: We did a full rebrand with Modern Remodeling to create a new brand promise and brand actions. In our designs—logo, promotional materials, website, and truck wraps—we reflected the fact that Modern Remodeling truly is the expert in their field. They focus not only on repairing damage, but on leaving the space better than they found it so the homeowner is happier and excited about the space after a potentially devastating event. This commitment to quality and service is communicated through our designs.

Warrenton Oxygen Wellness

About them: Warrenton Oxygen Wellness (WOW) makes hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) available to anyone in the community. HBOT works at a cellular level to support the human body’s natural ability to heal itself from illness and injury and to maintain good health. The WOW facility is in Warrenton, VA, within walking distance of Fauquier Hospital.

Our project: We helped WOW create their brand from the ground up, from their brand strategy and logo to their website, promotional materials, and environmental design in their wellness center. Our designs emphasize that HBOT is for everyone and that WOW will treat you as an equal partner in the care of your health.


About them: DCMI is a real estate due diligence consulting firm with unparalleled service. They work with large and small clients to perform analysis and surveys for construction sites and projects. DCMI has their office in The Plains, VA, and offers their services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region—Virginia, Maryland, DC, West Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, and some parts of Pennsylvania.

Our project: We helped DCMI refresh their logo and created a new website. We worked together to modify their color palette and website design to align with their corporate clients, as well as develop custom forms to simplify their inspection process. Our designs emphasize DCMI’s quality performance, responsive service, and economic integrity. Read more about the project here.

Insert Your Company Name Here

About you: You’re a business of any size ready to work with one of the top 20 visual design studios in the mid-Atlantic region. And you’re not just looking for a logo—you’re in the market for a knockout brand strategy that crosses platforms and moves mountains.

Our project: We’ll work with you on your new brand strategy, website design, or graphic design—or maybe all three. You’ll benefit from our collaborative approach as we work together to absolutely nail your project.

Learn more:

We’re Allen Wayne—a full-service creative agency with a diverse, talented team that works strategically and collaboratively with our clients to create phenomenal brands. We crave challenges. We solve problems. We develop solutions. Allen Wayne goes Beyond Design to craft an identity and personality for your entire operation. Contact us today and unleash our creativity on your business and brand.


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