5 Ways to Know if You Need a New Website

Businesses come to us all the time and say that they need a new website. Our first question is always the same. Why?

Yes, we are direct. However, asking the tough questions to get to the heart of our clients’ needs is the only way we know how to efficiently and creatively solve their problems.

Many times, these potential clients don’t know why they want a new site. They say things like:

  • My website is old.

  • My website is ugly.

  • My family member was running the site, but they left to go to college and I can’t figure it out.

  • I’m no longer happy with the company running my website.

Most of the above issues can actually be solved without creating a whole new website. A quick refresh, resetting of passwords and finding a quality webmaster will actually solve all of the above.

This is why we are going to quickly walk you through 5 ways to know if you really do need a new website design.

#1: Does Your Website Accurately Represent Your Brand?

This is the big one for us… and should be a big one for your business.

Your website must directly connect to your customers’ needs and emotions.

People want to do business with companies that are more than just a quality product or service.

If your website design doesn’t represent you, your brand or the types of customers that you want to attract, you need a new website.

#2: Does Your Website Amplify Your Brand Promises?

There is no point building and maintaining a website that doesn’t work as hard as you do.

If your website doesn’t perfectly capture who you are as a business and amplify your business to visitors, you need a new website.

No matter what type of business you have, don’t ever forget that you serve people. And people want to support and do business with other people that value the same things they do. Even if you are in the B2B space, you are ultimately doing business with a person on the other end of that transaction.

"People like brands that are like themselves or how they'd like to be." – Anthony Robbins

Don’t be afraid to shout your brand promises from the mountain tops and follow through by executing your brand actions.

#3: Does Your Website Drive Leads and Sales?

If your website is doing a great job of amplifying your brand promises and showing who you are, but it doesn’t help people do business with you, you may need a new website.

The bottom line is that if you have products and services for sale, your website needs to lead people down a path where they will sign up for more information or make a purchase.

Your website should be your top sales person and be championing your brand 24/7.

#4: Is Your Website Secure?

We’ve all given up a certain level of privacy in the Internet Age. It’s not unreasonable to think that companies are gathering information on us most of the time.

As a website owner, if you have a website it needs to be secure. Many people think that if they aren’t collecting personal information that they don’t need to worry about security. NOT true.

Hackers can target your website and shut it down for ransom or put malware on it that will impact your website visitors.

If your website is not on a secure platform, you may need a new website.

#5: Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

In addition to being secure, your website needs to be mobile friendly to accommodate all the different devices and ways people want to connect with your business.

Current studies show that 54% of website traffic is coming from mobile devices.

We actually took a deep dive into the importance of mobile-friendly website design and you can get all the great information we assembled on this topic here.

Our Design Approach at Allen Wayne

Every company and situation is unique, but with each of the projects we take on at Allen Wayne, we partner with our clients. We listen to our clients and actively engage to come up with custom solutions that solve the problem or perfectly fulfil their need.

Bottom line, we’re happy to work with you to help decide if you need a new website or not. We’ll sit down with you and get to the core of who you are and how to best represent your business.

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