The #1 Reason to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

It wasn’t that long ago that we had to convince our clients about the importance of a mobile-friendly design and platforms for their website.

According to statista, in early 2015 mobile devices accounted for just 31% of worldwide website traffic.

That same site now shows that 54.8% of worldwide website traffic is from mobile devices.

So, it should be no shocker why we titled this article 54 Reasons for Making Your Website Mobile Friendly.

#1 Reason to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly: The Majority of Your Web Traffic is Now Mobile

With a minimum of 54% of your website traffic making a purchase or participation decision based on how your website looks on their phone, there are no more excuses. We’ve actually seen statistics showing that number closer to 60%.

People Want Information Fast

With mobile web traffic rising, patience and attention spans are dropping. You don’t need us to tell you that impressions are made quickly and last a long time. In today’s fast-paced world, we don’t have time to wait for a website to load or to learn how to navigate to the specific thing we’re looking for.

Your competitor will do it faster than you and get that business in a literal heartbeat.

People Want It Easy

Quick example on this point. There is a restaurant in Northern Virginia that the team at Allen Wayne frequented before Covid restrictions. The service was excellent, the menu was diverse, and meals were excellent EVERY TIME.

When it came time to switch to online ordering and curbside pickup, we were eager to support this particular restaurant.

But, when the website didn’t have the bandwidth to support increased traffic and online ordering became an endless loop of options and restarts, it became impossible to complete our transactions.

If the design and systems incorporated into your website aren’t equipped to support a mobile experience, you will lose customers. You have to make it easy for them to purchase and engage with your products and services.

People Want It Familiar

If you have repeat website visitors, there will likely be times when they will be on a desktop computer and other times when they are on a mobile device when viewing your business online.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website that can deliver the same experience and ease of use for your visitors and customers, they will likely look elsewhere for a unified experience.

Because Google Said So!

We started this post with mobile traffic stats from 2015. That is important because that was the same year that Google released a statement that announced that mobile-friendliness would be used as a ranking signal. Translation: mobile-friendly websites would be ranked above those that were not.

Just Make It Mobile Friendly

We don’t think we need to note any additional reasons why making your website mobile friendly is important (see short attention span note above).

The question now is how does a business owner, association director or non-profit pioneer make that happen?

At Allen Wayne, we’ve found that the best way to achieve maximum mobile efficiency is to build websites on a platform that is designed to serve desktop and mobile traffic seamlessly. That’s why we highly recommend the Wix platform. Our award-winning designers have built mobile-friendly websites on the Wix platform for businesses, associations, non-profits, government contractors, and countless other online uses.

To see some of our recent mobile-friendly website projects, you can view the full Allen Wayne portfolio here.

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