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Brand Strategy: Make a Promise and Keep It!

Let’s start with some truth. If you own or run a business, association or non-profit you need to know this:

Your logo is not your brand.

This is probably not what you’ve been told or taught. At Allen Wayne, we are dedicated to building strong, effective brands that project the promise of the company and connect with potential customers.

Today, we’re going to break down one of the main brand strategy elements that we focus on when building a new brand or doing a brand relaunch.

The Big Brand Promise

For the entrepreneurs reading this today, was creating your logo one of the most difficult aspects of launching your business?

Did you struggle with where to start, what colors to use, what graphics to incorporate?

Would you like to know why you struggled?

It’s likely because you hadn’t properly defined your brand and brand promise. You can’t show it, explain it or do it until you’ve defined it.

So, how does one define a brand promise?

At Allen Wayne, we provide deep-dive workshops to create a brand strategy and brand identity through conversations with owners and employees. Here are some of the areas cover:

  • We define the gut feeling the business creates.

  • The type of relationship the business has with its customers.

  • The expectations the business sets and customers value.

  • The emotional feel and impact of the business as well as the expected behavior of the business.

Through this discovery process, we are able to define the key attributes of the business and generate a brand promise.

To give you the best example we could possibly think of, we’ll tell you our official brand promise:

To identify and solve our clients' creative problems by listening, facilitating ideas, and iteratively building to the solution.

And everything we do is dedicated to this brand promise. When you work with us, you can expect to:

  1. Be Listened to: We are a collaborative agency and we start by getting a clear understanding of you and your business as well as the opportunities and challenges ahead.

  2. Be Challenged: We’re not afraid to ask the tough questions and get to the root causes and success metrics.

  3. Be Wowed: We come up with sensational, exquisitely crafted brand strategies, designs and experiences to solve problems with realistic solutions.

Learn More

We’re Allen Wayne—a full-service creative agency with a diverse, talented team that works strategically and collaboratively with our clients to create phenomenal brands. We crave challenges. We solve problems. We develop solutions. Allen Wayne goes Beyond Design to craft an identity and personality for your entire operation. Contact us today and unleash our creativity on your business and create your brand promise.


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