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5 Tips to Start Off 2022 With a Bang

Here at Allen Wayne, we’re starting 2022 off with a bang. We’re energized by our amazing clients and projects, and we’d love to share some tips with you as you guide your business into the new year.

Tip 1: Identify your customers’ base need

The foundation of business and brand strategy success starts with identifying and understanding your customers’ needs. What exactly do they want when making a purchase? Regardless of industry, most customers want:

  • Value: Price and quality must match. At minimum, your product or service should have solid quality and a competitive price. If your product goes above and beyond in terms of quality, your price can (and should!) reflect that.

  • Options: Offer a selection to cover a range of needs and desires. But keep it manageable; don’t overextend your company or overwhelm your customer with too many options!

  • Convenience: Make it easy for customers to obtain your product or service. Is there a way to offer some of your products in a self-serve manner? No calls, no hassle, just a few clicks online and your customer gets what they need. Then you can wow them with your follow-up service.

Tip 2: Determine how you fulfill that need better than anyone else

Fulfilling your customers’ needs isn’t enough, though. You want to fulfill those needs better than anyone else, right?

Your x-factor is the unique way your brand provides extra value; something you bring to your customers that your competitors can’t or won’t.

Can your herbal tea company offer 100% sustainably sourced ingredients? Will your new clothing line offer sizing that is truly inclusive? Does your software come with 24/7 assistance? Your x-factor sets you apart.

Tip 3: Pinpoint your approach to solving customer needs with archetypes

Do you see your business reflected in the caregiver, the sage, or the explorer? Or maybe you identify with the creator, the hero, or the citizen? Knowing your brand archetype helps you understand the emotional disposition of your organization.

When you customize your offerings and messaging based on your archetypal characteristics, you’ll be well on your way to delivering exactly what your customers need—in a way that stays true to your brand.

Tip 4: Establish how you will communicate your brand to clients

In earlier blog posts, we’ve established that your logo is not your brand and your brand is not your identity. Your logo—and your whole visual identity, for that matter—should reflect your brand, sure; but your brand cannot be communicated solely through visuals.

In fact, your brand is often felt or seen mainly through actions, like how your employees interact with your customers. What you do matters more than what you say. So ditch your mission statement and define your brand promise instead. This will allow you to connect with each customer individually and authentically.

Tip 5: Move forward with creating awareness about your brand that will drive revenue

When a customer connects with your brand emotionally, they’re going to gravitate to you over your competitors. Brand awareness comes from a combination of marketing types and having more and more customers interacting with your company or products.

Creating brand awareness is an individualized process; which method is best for you will depend on your product and your customer. Go where your customer is; don’t spend your time advertising on LinkedIn if your customers spend their time on TikTok, and vice versa.

Start 2022 with Allen Wayne

We hope these tips are helpful to you as you start 2022. If you’d like more support as you start the new year, we’d love to lead you through our collaborative process of brand discovery and strategy.

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