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What is Your Brand Archetype?

Have you ever done an online quiz that’s designed to tell you something about yourself? You click through some multiple-choice questions and BAM you know your spirt animal and why you’re shy in social situations.

These revealing tests are disposable. You don’t turn it into the foundation of your personality and let it be a main driver of your life.

The same is not true of one “personality” test that we at Allen Wayne have used to identify key traits of brands that impact the way they approach business decisions for countless companies. Today, we’d like to introduce you to some brand archetypes that encapsulate those tendencies and show you how this type of brand analysis can help grow your business.

What is a Brand Archetype?

There are 12 main brand archetypes that define the primary motivators of brands and highlight the strengths and challenges of those types of companies.

Let’s take a quick look at three of those brand archetypes:

The Caregiver

We all like to think of ourselves as caring and natural caregivers, but this brand archetype takes that to a whole other level. Caregivers in this scenario take on the role of guardian, healer, Samaritan, and angel. At the forefront of everything they do is altruism, compassion, patience, and empathy.

Companies that fall into the Caregiver category often provide their clients and customers with the reassurance, service, and advice they need—all with open ears and hearts. The company exudes calm under extreme circumstances and is often highly competent and excellent at multitasking.

With every archetype, there are specific challenges that must be overcome. Caregivers tend to fear instability. This can cause them to over compromise leading to a loss of balance. They sometimes forget that they need to take care of themselves and that they can say “no.”

The Sage

Sage companies are motivated by independence, intelligent thought, and truth. Sages respond well to expert opinion but are always true to their own experience and have a skeptical eye.

These types of companies bring experience and wisdom to their products and services. They are rational about their decisions.

When it comes to challenges, Sage companies value truth but are not terribly trusting. They can struggle with making actionable decisions when the outcomes are not clear.

The Explorer

The Explorer craves new experiences and is quite motivated by them. They value autonomy and are willing to do just about anything to avoid boredom and entrapment—even if it means taking great risks.

Explorers enjoy pushing boundaries and get excited by unexpected discoveries. They truly embrace a “no limit” philosophy.

These companies stay current with trends and create products and services that promote individuality and a new way to experience things. As a result, they attract customers that enjoy new discoveries and have a knack for adventure.

What’s Your Archetype?

How your company fits into one or more of the 12 brand archetypes will help you understand the emotional disposition of your organization. You can then structure your message, services and products to capitalize on the strengths of that archetype while being aware of the challenges and pitfalls.

Overall, knowing your brand archetype is the first step to gaining the insight you need to deliver exactly what your customers need and deliver it in an authentic way.

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