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Why Companies Should Ditch Mission Statements

Today we’re talking about an important part of branding and brand strategy. Once again, we’re going to challenge convention and make you really think about what your brand says about you, your employees, and your entire organization.

Corporate mission statements or vision statements have become the standard. In theory, they are supposed to succinctly define the company and the people that work there. They generally strive to be inspiring and idealistic.

In reality, our opinion is that mission statements are often cold, vague, and self-serving.

When mission statements fail is when they get too technical, focus on stats and figures, are general, and are unmemorable.

So, what is the alternative?

Put Your Customers First

When thinking about your brand and its place in the world, think first about your potential clients, customers, or users. What type of person are they? What are their specific needs and how do they want them addressed? What kinds of companies do they want to support?

Then pair that with the challenges your company solves or the business needs your company fulfils.

With all of this in mind, you can start to craft your brand promise and your specific brand actions rather than your mission statement.

Where a brand mission tells people about your company, a brand promise connects with each person individually and in an authentic, achievable, warm, and inclusive way. And then your brand actions set expectations that are measurable.

Here are a few examples of what you should and should not do with your brand promise:

  • Don’t be generic: “We strive for excellence by being excellent.”

  • Don’t be self-serving: “We are the world leader in flip flops.”

  • Don’t overcomplicate it: “We are the best option for our customers, employees, community members, and shareholders because we make them all successful through innovative strategies.

  • Do keep it simple: “Improving the lives of individuals by empowering communities.”

  • Do make it measurable: “Boosting the confidence of our customers through sustainably-sources footwear.”

  • Do make it about your customers and not you: “Creating an experience where people want to eat, drink, and interact.”

Of course, these are samples of potential brand promises, but they clearly show what is important to the company and what the company wants to achieve for their clients. All of these offer a format for a better way to convey your company’s message.

We want to be clear that we’re not opposed to companies, organizations or non-profits having a mission or vision statement. What we want is for those statements to have meaning that resonates and sticks.

At Allen Wayne, our brand development team works closely with companies to create a brand that aligns with your business’s values, mission, and objectives.

We ensure there is synergy across all aspects of your brand from your logo to your messaging to your website look and feel so that your brand is easily recognized and understood. Your overall brand strategy, brand promise, and key brand actions are critical to the success of your business. Take a look at some of our featured design and branding projects and then let’s talk about your brand today.


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